Reboot loop after some time

After start a gstreamer application that captures video from USB cam, OS restarts like minicom.log.

I have a externally powered TP-Link USB 3.0 7 port USB Hub and a power adapter like this. Webcam is Logitech HD720p. I have connected a USB serial adapter.

Do you have any idea what may cause this restarts ?

Edit: Reboot continues as a loop. I tried videotestsrc as source without USB hub, did not enter reboot. But after unplug eth cable, entered to reboot loop again with videotestsrc.

Hi @huseyinkozan

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Bsp 2.8.4 is not supported anymore. Could you update to Bsp 2.8.7 and check if the issue is still present?
Could you share your changes to the kernel and devicetree?

Do you have any idea what may cause these restarts ?

Which exactly commands did you use?

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