Reboot after a power loss

Hi all,

For our application, we would need to have the possibility to reboot automatically after a power loss (e.g power cut). Is there a way to do that? with a chip powered by the RTC battery or something.


Yes it’s possible but it should be supported by additional HW on your carrier board. Are you using Toradex carrier board or a custom one?

We are developping our own carrier board heavily based on the Apalis eval board and Ixora carrier board. Would you have the reference for a common power supply chip that could do that?

An Ixora carrier board already has such a functionality. Please take look to Ixora circuit related to JP1 jumper. When it close system will boot automatically as soon as external power applied.

Well, that’s not exactly what we would like to do.

The goal here would be to be able to shut down the system at the push of a button or from the operating system and if the shutdown is done properly, the device would not restart if it is unplugged and plugged back in. But if there is a power cut while the device is still on, if the power returns, we would like the device to restart automatically.

Unfortunately wedon’t have any reference design for such a case. You can trey to search for solution on IC manufacturers sites (like NXP, Analog Devices, Texas Instruments etc) or use their forum/community.
You can also place a simple 8bit microcontroller to your carrier board to do the trick.