Reading iMX6 board temperature sensor on WinCE

This document mentions that the iMX6 has a 2nd sensor on the board.
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But this document does not reveal how to read the 2nd sensor.
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I tried changing the code of tempsense1 to be similar to tempsense0 but (*tempsense1 & 0x00000004) never becomes true.

Please provide some sample code to read the 2nd sensor.

Check with DHT11 sensor then

yes check DHT11

Dear @manuel.bliemel

The reading of the 2nd temperature sensor is not directly supported in the WinCe BSP.
However, it is not too hard to implement:

The temperature sensor is located inside the STMPE811 chip, which we also use for resistive touch functionality. This chip is connected to the i.MX6 through an internal i2c bus.

  • Our ToradexCeLibraries support accessing this internal i2c bus through the logical port L"i2c9".
  • The STMPE811’s i2c slave address is 0x41.

So Just use the I2c library read the raw temperature values according to the STMPE811 datasheet.

Regards, Andy