Read Config Block under WinCE

I’ve seen the great tool BlockConfigEditor to edit the boot settings. Can I read values with any Toradex library? I would like to check if an certain value (enable watchog) is set or not and log it.
If I can set values this would be even better.

@TriUrs, please let us know which module you are using, thanks.

Apalis T30 (1GB IT)

Currently there is no library you can use to do that.

If you want to automatically set the config block you have two options:

1. Apply backup to config block

You can use the Update Tool in order to flash a config block you previously created a backup. You can flash one single section to the device (i.e. the config block) or do a whole production programming. See also production programming article. You can also call the update tool from your application with some parameters.

2. Use the batch mode of the Config Blog Editor

The Config Block Editor has a batch mode which is documented here. You have to generate a config file, which you then can use to call the config block editor in command line mode.

Configblock editor can display each item with the current value, that means Toradex developer should have an internal document about how o access the item and value. Please share the information or development a utility could export the item with value to a text file.

What exactly you need to get from ConfigBlock?