Read 16 bit Parallel ADC using GPIO pins or EIM in minimum time

i’m trying to read parallel adc, i started with m4 core using FreeRTOS but later i found that you can load firmware only one time in wince.

now i am trying to read with toradexcelibraries but reading 16 GPIO taking time.

i want to read using MapmemLib but didn’t found registers and examples of it.

please correct me if i am wrong.

or suggest best way to do it.

thanks in advance

Dear @akshykhade

The registers are all documented in the i.MX7 Reference manual. There is an example how to use the MapMem library, but there are no specific examples on how to access GPIO registers directly.

I expect you will get the same read speed whether you do the direct GPIO access from WinCe or through freeRTOS. However, this is of course much slower than using the EIM interface.

Another option would be to use a serial ADC hooked up through SPI.

Regards, Andy

Dear @andy.tx

i am going to use this MUX so , i need to access GPIO as fast i can.

please share if there is any EIM interface example you have for wince.

Dear @akshykhade

Try a search on our developer website:

Regards, Andy