Re-burn HAB fuses


I burned fuses trying to make HAB work.

  1. I wonder if I can, somehow, revert those fuses of the Colibri module to start over with new certificates.
  2. I understand that the fuses are burnt within the Colibri module, so eventually I can reuse same carrier board with new Colibri module, right?
  3. I only burned these fuses:

fuse prog -y 3 0 0x70D0BB67
fuse prog -y 3 1 0x265CBA46
fuse prog -y 3 2 0xF43AFB41
fuse prog -y 3 3 0x55625167
fuse prog -y 3 4 0x9A919C50
fuse prog -y 3 5 0xD0A5AE42
fuse prog -y 3 6 0x970C4C81
fuse prog -y 3 7 0x7C4DC8CB

Thanks, regards,

Hi @gasmbas,

Unfortunately by design the action of burning the fuses is permanent and irreversible. It is possible to revoke SRKs public keys, for example if you generated a table of 4 SRKs and burned this table to the fuses you can revoke say the first SRK so that it is no longer valid.

But, it is not possible to to revert the fuse process and try again with completely new certificates.

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