RAW SD image with uboot for VF61 Eboot

Hi guys,

There is a customer who is having problems trying to get his module’s Eboot recognize an SD with Uboot. They’ve tried several SDs with no luck.

>flashloader colibri_vf/u-boot-nand.imx
>Error opening image file.

Here in Japan’s office, I’ve been going through different VF61 but we don’t have anyone with Eboot installed so we can’t verify if the SD card is correctly formatted/flashed.

I’ve checked this post, and link has already expired. Also, the client is unable to trigger the recovery mode directly in the module shorting the pads.

Can someone make this image for me so I can send it to the customer? (Any other ideas are welcomed ofc).

Thanks and BR, Alvaro.


Please read this part here → Colibri VF50/VF61 WinCE Bring-up

Thanks Luka! That image with the Win32DiskImager worked perfectly :slight_smile: I asked them to place the u-boot-colibri_vf…imx in the SD, rename it and try again (and it seemed to work)