Raspberry PI with Torizon and HDMI display


I have set up a Raspberry Pi 4 at home with the goal of testing certain things regarding our application development (there we use IMX8X / Avalonia) from home. It would make it easier compared to moving our evaluation boards back and forth all the time :slight_smile:

The installation was successful, I can access the Pi via SSH and also added it to the cloud platform. In my company we use the 7" demo displays, at home I wanted to use a generic 7" HDMI display with power and touch over USB. However, when I connect the display, the screen stays dark after the backlight comes on 2–3 times.

The display itself works with a different PI (or when I used it on my notebook) running Raspbian without any issues. Is there a way to configure the display for Pi & Torizon?

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Hi @KidIcarus

You mean that the display stays dark when you run the application?
During the boot, or reboot, can you see the Torizon logo splash screen?

Let me know.

Hi @matheus.castello,

I think during the first installation, something must have glitched. I tried another display and there I can briefly see that the PI was hanging in some sort of loop (display turns on / off and displays a message - couldn’t take a clear picture), strange thing is I could still connect via SSH. I copied the image again now the display works. Torizon splash screen is visible and the first login to change the password.

I will try now my examples - I guess there is nothing in the way any more :slight_smile:

Sorry that I made the posting before reinstallation, I was so sure everything works because of SSH.

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Hey @KidIcarus

No problem, good to know that’s working now.

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