Random garbled text on serial console

I have trouble with my serial console connection. I connected my brand new Ixora board with IMX6Q 2GB IT 1.1c board to the serial console through the supplied cables.

However, the serial console only shows some garbled content while the system boots up and nothing after it boots up. I also have a monitor connected to the ixora HDMI port which shows the linux OS boots up into the LXDE desktop just fine.

I have tried different cables and different Apalis IMX6Q 1.1c boards, with no success. Is there something I am missing here.

Garbled characters on a serial line usually means that something is either electrically not connected right (wrong voltage level, bad ground or wrong pinout) or configured wrong in software.

What exactly do you mean by “supplied cables” as we don’t usually include any cables? Or are you talking about the Carrier Board Accessory Kit?

Did you ever test/use that serial port resp. USB-to-serial adaptor and null modem cable on your Linux workstation before?

Did you configure it properly for 115200 baud, 8 data bits, no party, 1 stop bit and no handshaking?

Thanks for looking into this Marcel.

Yes, I am using the cables from the Carrier Board Accessory Kit. No, the problematic Ixora board + accessory kit are from a recent order and I havent successfully connected this board or used this accessory kit to connect to a computer before. I dont have another set of boards with me to try.

I have configured minicom properly and have accessed other ixora/imx6 boards’ serial console before using cables from another accessory board.

Is there anything else I can probe or test to identify more about the situation ?


As @stefan.tx pointed out here the video does not explain the connection setup for Ixora. Please check the connection setup according to the getting started guide, especially the X22 connector orientation:

Otherwise posting a picture of your setup might help us to identify a problem.