Ralink RT2870 > Ratool.exe for WIFI AP

Hi community,

I have difficulties to set up an AP secure by WPA on a Colibri T20 with a Ralink RT2870 chipset module. WEP is working well but I have to put WPA security on an existing product.

I use the driver available on Toradex file server : http://developer.toradex.com/files/toradex-dev/uploads/media/Misc/AmbiCom/.

I know there is a tool called “Ratool.exe” to easily configure the driver in command line but I can not find it anywhere on the internet and the chipset is old now so I don’t now where I can have support for this module. This tool is documented but not available in any driver package I found.

Does somebody have somewhere a copy of this tool? I think it can help me to solve my problem.

Thanks in advance,

I can’t help with the the ratool.exe, sorry.

We have had similar issues with all kind of WIFI devices. Currently we assume that there is an issue if the network supports the “n” mode. Can you set up a connection with a access point with WPA exclusively running in “g” mode?

Hi Aurélien,

Have you located Ratool.exe yet? I’m looking for it too.

Hello BBBB,

No, for the moment I don’t found the tool :(. I even don’t find a solution to my problem. Do no hesitate do contact me you are more successful than me.

Have a nice day,

Hi Aurélien,

Have you had any success locating Ratool.exe or wpa_passphrase.exe since I last messaged you? I have been trying but still have had no success.


Unfortunately no :frowning: We continue to use WEP here… I did not find any other solution.