Questions about performance, CAN, GPS


I’m looking for an appropriate embedded board for autonomous driving module.

I have some questions for toradex board.

[1] Does 4x ARM cortex-A53 board have much better performance than raspberry pi 4?

[2] Does it mean that I can use 2 channels of CAN protocol if a board is installed on carrier board which supports 2x CAN port? (I’m sorry but I could not find any CAN port in board image)

[3] Can I order customized board on which 1 or 2 GPS board(especially, ZED F9P) is put.

[4] Can this board use ROS2 on embedded linux OS?


Hi @pinggooo, thanks for reaching out. Cool name BTW.

  1. Your mileage may vary but simply by comparing the CPUs, RPi 4 has a more powerful CPU with 4x Cortex-A72 than a 4x Cortex-A53. You might get a rough estimation with a MIPS calculation:
    Cortex-A53: 2.3 DMIPS/MHz
    Cortex-A72: 4.7 DMIPS/MHz
    Source: List of ARM processors - Wikipedia
    So easily, Cortex-A72 performance could double Cortex-A53.

  2. As long as the module offers the CAN interface and the carrier board has the needed transceiver, it should provide the CAN functionality. For instance, Verdin iMX8M Mini offers 1x CAN vs Verdin iMX8M Plus that offers 2x CAN. You may check the products datasheet for more details on the pinout and functionality.

  3. Toradex does not (normally) make custom SBCs (BTOs) but rather have different standards, off-the-shelf SOMs. You may purchase one of this off-the-shelf SOM and then use one of our off-the-shelf carrier board, design a custom carrier board or reach our to one of our partners for a carrier board.

  4. ROS is not officially supported by Toradex, but we have customers using it that build it from their side. You should be able to add it through a Yocto Build. You may check this for reference.

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