Questions about installing google-performance tools

I’m trying to install gperftools following this guide to use it on my work testing the architecture of an UAV project:

but whenever I try to run ./configure it says :

configure: error: in `/home/root/gperftools’:
configure: error: no acceptable C compiler found in $PATH

although i already installed g++ and gcc through opkg install gcc g++

Is there a way to fix this error or maybe another way to install google performance tools?

hi @iagosilvestre

The Link you provided explains how to build and install the gperftools on RHEL7 and SLES12. Toradex is using Angstrom Distribution created by Yocto build. To install the gperftools on the module, you need to create a custom image using OpenEmbedded Build and add the package gpfertools to the image by adding this line to local.conf.

IMAGE_INSTALL_append = " gperftools"

Best regards, Jaski