Question Regarding SD Card booting

Hello, I am a beginner new to toradex.

I am using Apalis evaluation board for Apalis imx6 module.

SD Card booting was also attempted.

So, I first used QT Creator,
Using the Flash boot to Qt device menu, Boot2Qt 5.15 | Toradex Apalis iMX6 | Qt 5.15.0
flashing for SD Card image flashing.

After that, apply power to the board and enter u-boot,
written at

The contents of Booting from External SD Card are written in u-boot as follows.

run setupdate.

run update.

env default -a.


After that, the power was re-applied to the board after sd card inserted , but it did not boot.


Industrial temperature grade DDR3 timings.

Trying to boot from MMC1


Only this phrase’is displayed on the serial console.

What should I do in this case?

If I try to re-enter the u-boot by turning on the power again and pressing enter, the u-boot is not re-entered.

Please help.

Helllo @alldream,

Welcome to the Toradex Community.

Why are you trying to boot the module using the SD Card, shouldn’t be better to use the internal flash instead of an external SD Card?

If you want to use the internal flash, the easiest way to flash Qt for Device Creation is using the Toradex Easy Installer, have you tried this tool before? If not, please try to install it following the steps in this article, and them installing the image provided by our feeds.

If you really need to use an SD Card, you can follow the information provided in this article.

Best regards, Daniel Morais