Query for Toradex linux distro supports Qt

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I am working on a project and have a few questions:

  1. Does Toradex Linux support Qt applications?
  2. Is this Linux distribution based on Yocto or is it a standard Linux distribution?
  3. Can I build and run a Qt application on Toradex Linux to showcase SPI, I2C, and GPIO functionalities?

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  1. Yes, Toradex Linux supports Qt applications. You can develop and run Qt applications on Toradex System on Modules (SoMs) using various methods, including the Boot to Qt software stack, Torizon, and Toradex Reference Images for Yocto Project. Each of these methods provides a different approach to integrating Qt into your project, allowing for flexibility based on your specific requirements.

  2. Toradex Linux distributions are primarily based on the Yocto Project. This means you can customize the Linux image to include Qt and any other libraries or applications you need. The Yocto Project provides a powerful set of tools for building custom Linux distributions tailored to your hardware and software requirements.

  3. Yes, you can build and run a Qt application on Toradex Linux to showcase SPI, I2C, and GPIO functionalities. The Toradex Linux BSPs (Board Support Packages) include support for these interfaces, allowing you to interact with various peripherals from your Qt application. You may need to ensure that your application has the necessary permissions and that the relevant kernel drivers are enabled and configured correctly for your hardware.

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