Qtwebengine rendering artifacts

Dear Toradex Community,
We have a qt webengine webview running on i.MX6 quad Apalis to visualize an internal website.
Yocto version is 3.0 Toradex and we built the qt5-x11-image
We are having a strange rendering issue / artifact. When the slider animates the upper left portion of the screen is for some reason drawn on the wrong space.
Besides that, there are other rendering performance issues and sliders animation seems to jump back in time as if an older buffer is drawn.
We tried also to increase the GPU memory without luck.
See attachment:

rendering issue

Hi @emaC

Thanks for writing to the Toradex Community!

We did not have knowledge about this
Are you able to reproduce the issue also on our latest Bsp 3.0b4?

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I’ll give a try. Did you updated the qt version?

Thanks. No, but there were lot of changes in kernel and we fixed different issues.

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Hi @emaC
what chromium backend are you using?
Can you check if this helps →

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