Qt6 on Linux BSP 6.4

My platform: iris2 + colibri imx8x (with wifi)

I found this post

And try this method on BSP 6.4

cd oe-core/layers
git clone -b 6.5.2 git://code.qt.io/yocto/meta-qt6.git
# !!! ... and added all changes described in thread

I have problems compile qtbase :

qglxconvenience.cpp:282: undefined reference to glXGetFBConfigAttrib' qglxconvenience.cpp:324: undefined reference to glXGetConfig’
qglxconvenience.cpp:248: undefined reference to `glXGetVisualFromFBConfig’

Hi @MariusM ,

Given that you’re trying to apply the recipe on a different version of Qt 6, that’s probably the reason you’re having these issues, likely related to changes in dependencies or default settings that end up requiring new dependencies in the newer version.

It’s hard to tell exactly what the cause is, as this problem is more of a Qt 6 build configuration/compilation issue, and we’re not experts on this matter. Maybe the Qt Forum can provide you with more information?

Best regards,
Lucas Akira

My problem was in build/conf/local.conf
I didn’t read the description carefully