Qt5 LinuxFb and removing egls providers from qtbase dependencies

Choosing Linuxfb platform for Qt5 implies direct rendering on Linux frame buffer with no needs even for X11 and it works fine at least for simple widget applications.

This way should let Qt5 to live without the opengl world, and this is even more true for imx7 due to the absence of a dedicated gpu.

Now i am having troubles into removing libraries like libgels and similar and their providers.
It starts from mesa.inc and qtbase depends on those providers.

Assuming my considerations are correct, i need help in tweaking the involved open embedded recipes.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Matteo. Depending on what part of the Qt UI framework you use OpenGL is required to some degree. If you only use Qt Widgets (without Qml), then simply adding those configs to local.conf:

IMAGE_INSTALL_append = " qtbase qtbase-fonts qtbase-plugins"
PACKAGECONFIG_DISTRO_pn-qtbase = "linuxfb"

Then make sure that your Qt application does not use qtdeclarative.

Newer Qt5 version have a 2D renderer for Qml which allows to use Qml without OpenGL support. At the moment we do not have instructions how to enable this variant. See also discussion in this thread:


However, if you are using the Qt commercial offerings Boot2Qt which comes with Qt for Device Creation, it will use the 2D renderer by default on i.MX 7 devices.

make sure to not install any library which require OpenGL. E.g. when using Qt5, d