Qt Toolchain for Apalis imx.6 quad

Hi All!!!

I would like to know how to download or compile the Qt5 toolchain for Ixora imx.6 quad. thanks to all!

Natacha :slight_smile:

Links: http://doc.qt.io/QtForDeviceCreation/qtee-custom-embedded-linux-image.html

Please have a look at How to set up Qt Creator to cross compile for embedded Linux article. For Qt for Device Creation see here and here.

Tanks sanchayan

I have read all the articles above. These articles explain the steps but do not say where to download the source code (or binary tolchain) for toradex ixora imx.6quad. I work with qt5 and ubuntu 32 bits.

If you use the commercial offerings from the Qt Company (Qt for Device Creation), you can download demo images, SDK and source code using the Qt installer. You can download the installer from the Qt website after requesting a trial.

I use the free version of Qt and with other boards I have been able to install the toolchain. I imagine that this manufacturer has available the toolchain for ixora imx.6 quad.