Qt on Visual Studio 2008 doesn't work

For Qt to use I can not set the Platform on VS2008. With Qt->Qtoptions->Add->Path c:\Qt\4.8.4 I’ve got message:
“The Platform SDK2wince7(ARMv4I) is not defined within Visual Studio.Make sure you have installed the required SDK”. or “The Platform Colibri 600/ARMV4 is not defined…”. I’ve installed all according description.
Toradex SDK Name Updater Programm changes all names in the following paths :4.8.4\demo, 4.8.4\examples,4.8.4\src correct to new names. Under VS2008 Tools->options->Device tools->Devices are two devices to find: Toradex-CE600ARMV4IDevice and Toradex-CE700ARMV7Device.
Demo Programs for Qt works with c:\Qt\4.8.4_x86 on VS2008 and PC.
Also Programs build with C#,C++ for WINCE6 and transfer to colibri board works.
Has anybody knowledge why Qt doesn’t work with VS2008?


thank you for trying Qt.

Did you follow the instructions in here. Specially “Patching QT SDK to use newer Toradex SDKs” steps.

Thank you


It was my mistake, I’ve put patching files on a wrong place. Now I can make Qt demo program. But I can not open and make examples from 4.8.4 files.
The following error ocurs: “There’s no Qt version assigned to this project for platform Toradex_CE600. Please use the change Qt version”.
But deployment platform is Toradex_CE600. Qt options are: Version 4.8.4 and path:C:\Qt\4.8.4.
It seems that VS2008 don’t accept version 4.8.4 and path. wenn I try to set this version and path I get a message:“object reference not set to an instance of an object …”.
How to adjust VS2008 to accept Toradex Qt examples?

@dado1122 Did you also do step number two of the patching instructions . WIth the SDK Name Updater, you can automatically update the vcproj and sln files to work with the new Toradex SDK Names.

Yes I’ve stepped all and changed manually vsproj and sin, because I saw there c:\Qt\4.8.4_x86 instead only c:\Qt\4.8.4. After compiling hellogl_es2 for CE600 I’ve got error: cannot open include file:GL/gl.h:no such file or directory,file qgl.h. In mkspaces/common/ios/ is no GL directory only GLES and GLES2.
I’ve done the same with CE700 and can build and deploy it. But the exe programm works not:“Unable to import library QtOpenGLd4.dll!..” But this file is completly transfered on FlashDisk.
I’ve tried the same with demo QtAutomotiveClusteremo and the same mistake with the same library.
What can be the reason of this problem?

You say you are using the VF. This SoC does not have any GPU and therefor no OpenGL, hence all opengl related examples will not work. You could try compiling Mesa for Windows Embedded Compact, but I suppose nobody have done this before.

Cluster demo uses QML 1 with Qt4, which does not have a hard requirement on OpenGL but can use it. But I did get it to work see here.