Qt inwince7 on vf61

Can we develop QT based application for VF61 with WEC7.
patch for WEC7 given by Toradex says Patch for CE 7 (version including OpenGL support)
where as VF61 supports only (version with no OpenGL support)
Please help us in knowing teh possibility
Also can we do develop ment of QT based applications for both WINCE6 and WEC7 on same PC.

Dear @zecons
I’m not a Qt expert, still I think I can give you a few hints to continue. Please apologize if my answers might be not fully correct.

OpenGL is used for the Qt Quick environment. For Forms based user interfaces, OpenGL is not required. This said, you can only create Forms based UIs on the VF61.

The patches we provide are basically just defining our SDK names. If you create any application for CE6, it will most probably also run under WEC7, without any changes.

It should be possible to develop CE6 and WEC7 applications on one PC. I expect you only need to replace one file of the patch, which is different between the two OS. There’s possible no automated way to do this.

I hope this helps.
Best Regards, Andy