QT in vf61 with WINCE7

Is it possible to use the QT with NoOpenGL Version with WinCE7 on vf61?

Dear @zecons,

There was a similar question: QT INWINCE7 ON VF61 - Toradex Community and I guess we already provided an answer there. As we said already “The patches we provide are basically just defining our SDK names. If you create any application for CE6, it will most probably also run under WEC7, without any changes”, Did you try to run CE6 application on WINCE7? Is that working or Do you see any problem there?

My problem is if I use Wince6 SDK for application development can i can use the *native wifi apllication configuration to run in wince7.

Dear @zecons,

There are Wi-Fi stack layer changes between WinCE6 and WEC7, still native Wi-Fi APIs are available in WEC7 but we not sure whether it is compatible between WinCE6 and WEC7, you would try that. But you need to disable connection manager for that, instruction provided here : https://developer.toradex.com/knowledge-base/wifi-configuration-from-program#Windows_CE_7.

Also, refer to this community forum : https://www.toradex.com/community/questions/2076/qt-on-visual-studio-2008-doesnt-work.html related to WEC7, QT. There would be some preprocessor definitions to use non-OpenGL library e.g. removing QT_OPENGL_LIB.

Please install both the SDKs in a PC, compare it to understand the difference for OpenGL and Non-OpenGL that you can make it for WEC7, QT application to run on Vybrid. You might be required to do some rename while installing the second QT SDK. Also, compare the patch files and use the non-OpenGL configuration for WEC7.

Please let us know if you face any difficulty on this.