Qt font problems


I have two font problems. Right now I’m out of ideas, how to fix:

a) Using OpenSans ttf font: The capital letter combination “IL” is not displayed. Instead a box is shown.

b) Using font sizes larger than 47pt will crash the application. (also tried with system font and arial ttf)

c) this (this is minor though): Using fonts as resources doesn’t work - QFontDatabase::addApplicationFont returns -1 in this case.

I have attached an example source + application : TestFonts_src.zip + TestFonts_exe.zip

First button will turn the word “LILLY” in “LOLLY”

Second button will use Font Size 48 and make the application crash.

Please let me know, if you need any additional information.


Thank you for contact support.

Please wait for few days, we are looking your issue. we will get back you.

@KDAB, if you have any comments, please help the customer.

Qt does use the native font rendering. Can you try to build a MFC application which uses the fonts and try the same in a) and b) and see if its shown there correct or if its showing the same behaviour. If it does the same its a WEC2013 bug and cannot directly fixed in Qt. You could try to use freetype font rendering which is getting used under Linux.

If the problem still shows, please open a Qt Bug report.

For c) please attach sources which where used.