Qt Creator Crosscompile Build Error


I am trying to follow this guide: http://developer.toradex.com/knowledge-base/how-to-set-up-qt-creator-to-cross-compile-for-embedded-linux

However, when executing the following command there is an error after a few hours:
$ bitbake -k meta-toolchain-qt5

See the attached log files for details.

Do I really need to do this? My goal is to have a “kit” which I can load into Qt creator Open-Source (best would be on Windows) to deploy at Qt Quick GUI onto Linux embedded (on a iMX7 Colibri Board).

Thanks for any hints!

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Do I really need to do this?
Yes, you need to do this and you will also need to build an image for the target which contains the Qt libraries.

What build host are you using?
What versions of the meta data did you check out? e.g. what is the content of build/buildhistory/metadata-revs

(IIRC Qt had issues when built on a 32 bit buildhost.)

best would be on Windows

Maybe one can build an SDK with Yocto (under Linux) which could be used with mingw and qtcreator on Windows, we at Toradex never did try to do so.

The following may or may not be the way to such a system.


How to then integrate the resulting SDK into a Qt Creator kit I don’t know.


Note that The Qt Company has commercial offerings Qt for Device Creation which do support Colibri iMX7D and provide precompiled SDKs even for Windows.

The build failure says internal compiler error: Segmentation fault, could also be a out of memory situation…

@buhpasca, what is you build host environment and memory configuration?