QT application include PJSIP With Qt

I have developed Application with QT 5 include PJSIP 2.9
we have development machine that setup with yocto that work find and CC work fine.
Now we add PJSIP to my project and need to CC this new ver include pjsip.
Would you please let me know how to add PJSIP for CC.

Greetings @kave,

If you added PJSIP to your Yocto image, your generated toolchain should already have these libraries. If that’s the case, you just have to add the C linker and library flags to your Qt project so it can reach the libraries.

I found some documentation regarding compilation with PJSIP here. That should be a good starting point to include these libs into your Qt application.

I had been CC the pjsip with linaro before also I CC my sample App as well in C.
but now My App is in QT with PJSIP and it Compile,link and run on x86 successfully
, but when i go for CC got error.
I CC the PJSIP with linaro and add the path of them to cflag and ldflag but it dont work either
Actually the Yocto that I use is default on Toradex and I am not familiar to change it.
Is it any solution that I dont need go through Yocto?
If not please point me to the documents?



Sure, instead of adding PJSIP as a dependency on Yocto, you can include it directly into your Qt project providing the header and source files and the correct flags for compilation. The procedure is still similar to the one I’ve linked in my comment above.