Qt application compilation error for VF61 in wince7 os

Can I use Qt 4.8.4 OpenGL SDK for VF61 to develop Applications for WINCE7 with toradex_ce7_sdk_2.1 installed.
We have tried with Qt 4.8.4 SDK (for hardware with No OpenGL support e.g.Vybrid). and we are getting error while compiling the Application.

Same this is working when Toradex_CE600 (ARMv4I) sdk is used.

The error is

There's no QT version assigned to this project for platform Toradex_CE700(ARMv4I)

Please suggest a solution.

Dear @zecons

I don’t have much experience with Qt applications. However, I have some ideas to verify:

  1. The project settings are stored per configuration. As you switch the configuration from Toradex_CE600 to Toradex_CE700, all project settings are potentially modified, including Preprocessor definitions, which I would check first:
    Project settings → Configuration Properties → C/C++ → Preprocessor → Preprocessor Definitions
  2. Please also compare all other project settings between the two configurations.
  3. Try to find out where the error message is coming from. If it is the C-(pre)compiler, the error message must be somewhere in the source code. Search for it, it might give you a hint for the error reason.

Regards, Andy