Qt App shifted half a screen over when rotated


I am running the oecore tdx-reference-multimedia-image on my Toradex Apalis-IMX8. I have developed a Qt5 application that I configured a service for to start on bootup. I am using the 10.1 Inch LVDS for my display and needed it to be rotated 270 degrees, so I did this through the etc/xdg/weston/weston.ini file by setting the “transform=rotate-270” field for my LVDS output. The touch inputs seem to be in the correct place, but my app is now shifted half a screen over.

I have attached a picture of what my screen looks like and my weston.ini file.
weston.ini (689 Bytes)

Let me know if you have any questions and thank you in advance for the help!


Hi @axl3738,

As I can see from the image, the top bar of your Linux OS is correctly aligned. It seems it’s a problem only related to your QT app, am I correct?

If so, can you review your code and share the part that you think maybe could be causing this issue? I would recommend you post a question in the QT community aswell.

Best Regards,

Hey hfranco,

I did some digging into another project that I have worked on that uses an imx8 mini and a similar environment. From looking at it’s weston.ini file, it looks like there may have been some settings in the [core] section that were not correct in my current project. After changing them, my display looks to be rotated correctly and the touch inputs seemed to be fine. I now have the issue of my mouse cursor not updating with my touch inputs, but that is another topic that I believe I found a forum for that might address it.

Thanks again for the reply and have a nice day.

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