Qt and Silverlight GUI Examples

Hello. I have Colibri t30 and want to try this examples:

…and can’t do it because of error that appears when I’m opening projects.

I guess that projs were created with other SDK than I have (Toradex_CE700).
Where can I download right one for my case? Or, if reason differs, what should I do?

Dear @nov
Visual Studio refuses to open projects which do not contain a configuration for the currently installed SDK. You can fix this by manually replacing the SDK name in the project file *.vcproj - QtAutomotiveClusterDemo.vcproj in this case.

  • Create a backup of the *.vcproj file
  • Open the *.vcproj file in a text editor. It is an XML file.
  • Search for the SDK name used. This can be found in the section

There might be more than one platform. Pick the one which comes as close as possible to your target SDK.

  • Search and replace all occurences of the SDK name ( SDK2wince7 (ARMv4I) ) with the new SDK name Toradex_CE700 (ARMv4I) in the whole *.vcproj file.
    Beside the <Platforms> section mentioned above, you will find the SDK name also in every <Configuration Name="…"> and maybe also in some <FileConfiguration Name=…> sections.
  • Save the *.vcproj file.

Now you should be able to open this project file (or the associated solution file) in Visual Studio.

Regards, Andy