Qt 5.15.5 lts on bsp 5.x

Is it possible to build qt 5.15.5 lts on bsp 5.x ?
I’m currently deciding if I should upgrade to the current boot2qt branch or stay at bsp 4.

Hi @jhowrez!

You can see from this article Qt for Device Creation (Boot to Qt) | Toradex Developer Center the supported versions.

LTS Qt 5.15.5 is based on BSP 4.

But, for a customer with Yocto knowledge (which is a must-have for using Boot to Qt), it should not be super hard to support additional Toradex SoMs. The Qt Company provides How to Add Support for New Device | Boot to Qt 6.4.1
E.g. to build an SDK fully compatible with Qt Creator - which they call QBSP, one can refer to Building QBSP with Yocto | Boot to Qt 6.4.1

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Thanks @henrique.tx for the reply!

Makes sense, I guess I’ll try to update my application to qt6!