I’d know if someone had use QSPI module on iMX7S with FPGA and not just with a flash device,please, because I found in IMX7SRM.PDF the details just for a flash device, if it’s possible to found something about FPGA it’s will help me a lot.

Thank you!

Hi @ImaneCh !

It is certainly possible to communicate between the module and an FPGA device. You need to be sure that your FPGA device is capable of that.

From our Colibri iMX7 datasheet at chapter 5.25 you can find the pins available for SPI communication.

And you might want to use the SPIDEV to communicate with your FPGA device. Please refer to SPI (Linux). For Colibri Evalboard you will need to refer to this section to enable it: SPI (Linux)

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