QNX support for PCI-e switch on the Apalis carrier board with Apalis iMX8 SOM


We have an Apalis carrier board (V1.1Z) with an Apalis iMX8QM module (V1.1 A). Is there a QNX bsp for the Apalis carrier board? If there is one, does it have a driver for the PCI-e switch. We can only find a bsp for the ixora carrier board on the QNX BSP website.


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Regarding your inquiry about QNX support for the Apalis iMX8QM module and the Apalis Carrier Board, it’s important to note that my expertise is focused on Linux-based solutions, specifically for Toradex hardware and Torizon software. Therefore, I’m unable to provide detailed information or support for QNX BSPs, including the availability of drivers for the PCI-e switch on the Apalis Carrier Board.

For QNX support, including BSPs and drivers, it’s recommended to consult directly with QNX resources or communities that specialize in QNX development. They would be best positioned to provide the most accurate and up-to-date information on QNX support for Toradex hardware.

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Hey @prasadu,

As of what I can see now, there is not a specific QNX BSP available for the Apalis IMX8QM and Apalis Eval Board. What is available for the Apalis IMX8QM is with the Ixora, this being from the QNX Software Center. You may find the Ixora board does work with your setup, but there may be unknown issues/hard to debug.

Depending on your requirements for development, I would either suggest going with the Ixora board and the QNX BSP for this combo, or possibly using a linux based solution with the hardware you already have (torizon/yocto). Of course this depends on your requirements.