QMYSQL Driver not loaded in Cross Compiling environment

Hi, after hours of effort I have managed to create a linux console image working with qt5 and the linuxfb platform without using any kind of qml in my colibri VF61 (thanks to stefan.tx and marcel.tx).

I can cross compile just fine and the program executes without any kind of error, however I can’t seem to find QMYSQL driver in the qt library, in fact, there isn’t any sql driver aviable to be used with qt5.

My qt version is 5.7.1.


Did you add the relevant PACKAGECONFIG (s) for your use case?

Probably something like the following in local.conf provides what you need:

PACKAGECONFIG_append_pn-qtbase = " sql-mysql"


I believe that was it, I’m rebuilding to check it