Python to read shard memory segment


I would like utilize shared memory concept for one of my application and I have tried that using python but i got some import errors, regarding sysv-ipc.
Can anyone help me to make it work.

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Jhansi Palepu

Hi @jhansiP ,

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Looks like you need to install the sysv-ipc module using pip .
Can you please try it and let me know.

Hi deven,

Thank you for the reply,

i have tried to install i was giving some version error, Please find the attachment.

Can you please help me out to install the library.

Jhansi Palepu

alt text

Hi @jhansiP ,

Did you install python packages ? see this.
If YES, are you able to use other python modules?

Also can you please share the sample code so I can test at my end.