Pyside2 for Qt for Python QML

I set up a python project using “Qt for Python using QML”. I added “PySide2” to the requirements.txt file. When i attempt to build I receive “Could not find a version that satisfies the requirement pySide2”. Is there a solution to this? Thanksalt text

Greetings @CEK,

In general if the package you’re trying to install can be provided by either pip or apt I would almost always suggest installing it via apt. The pip package manager can be very finicky with versioning as you see here.

We have a QML PySide2 based sample application here: torizon-samples/python-qml at bullseye · toradex/torizon-samples · GitHub

Notice in the Dockerfile how we choose to install the various python3-pyside2* packages via apt. In our Visual Studio Code extension this can be done via the extrapackages configuration.

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To add a bit to what @jeremias.tx said, it does not look like QT has published binary packages of PySide2 for Arm32 or Arm64 platforms. Looking here, it seems they only publish for X86. The apt packaging route is definitely the way to go here.