PXA320 External Memory Bus


We’re planning to replace the outdated pxa270 module with a pxa320 module in our product. A lot of pins are compatible with each other, but we’re using the pxa270’s external memory bus to connect an fpga. Currently we’re using the nCS3 memory region, which gives us up to 64MB address range.

In this page: link We saw that, the pxa320 can access up to 16MB range via the EXT_nCS1 (same SODIMM 107 as the nCS3 used by PXA270). We can shrink the 64MB range to 16MB, so this may be sufficient for us.

Our question is, how can we configure the pxa320’s pins to access the full 16MB range as we saw in the documentation, the PXA320 has only 12 dedicated address lines, and the pin#118,120,122,124 are only GPIO pins. (Which are the PXA270’s 12th,13th,14th,15th address pins).

Thank you!

Colibri PXA320 modules will be available only till 2020. I’d recommend to consider Colibri iMX7 module as a PXA270 replacement.