PXA300 fast toggle of outport pin

I need to toggle a single outport pin to generate a short pulse sequence. I’m using the std. GPIO driver and just calling SetGPIOLevel() in a sequence. Can this be done faster in any other way ?.
I’m not looking for a fixed timing just a burst of pulses.

@EmbedX, there would be some options. If you just need some pulsing, you could use PWM. Draw-back with this, you don’t know how many pulses you are going to send. Another option would be e.g. SPI where you could set a frequency and then send a data pattern to match your pulsing requirements. This also only works with limitations, as you cannot set the length of the burst to very high numbers.
I hope these hints help.
I have one more remark, the Colibri PXA300 is not recommended for new design, see PCN:

Good idea. Could I modify the GPIO driver (buy the source) to do the pulsing while in kernel mode?. Thanks for Your reply.

On PXA modules you already run in kernel mode. The lib is really simple and directly accesses the GPIO registers, There are a few if/switch statements as the library runs on multiple platforms, but that wouldn’t save much time (maybe 6-10 instructions: which could sum up to maybe 50ns, no context switching required).
You could buy the source code if you want, but as mentioned, I don’t think it would help a lot. You could test this by mapping the GPIO registers by yourself in your application and directly access the registers (e.g. the GPIO level set and clear bits).
Let me know if you have further questions.