Pulling the docker image for torizon/weston-touch-calibrator:2

I’m not able to find the docker image for the weston-touch-calibrator.

I’ve tried this:

docker pull torizon/weston-touch-calibrator:2
2: Pulling from torizon/weston-touch-calibrator
no matching manifest for linux/amd64 in the manifest list entries

Why this error? more importantly, how should I ask differently?

For contrast, I can successfully get another image from torizon:
This works as expected and I get what I need:

docker pull torizon/weston-vivante:2.3.3

…any hints?

Greetings @Paul,

Where are you running this docker pull command? The issue is hinted in the error message itself.

no matching manifest for linux/amd64 in the manifest list entries

You’re trying to pull an amd64 version of this docker image. Which doesn’t exist we only have arm and arm64 versions available. The docker pull command by default attempts to pull the image architecture that matches the system architecture you’re running the command on.

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Good point. I’m running this command on my Windows laptop…

However, I am pulling the image to be used in my Linux embedded device.
Is there a way I can issue the command to say “yes, I want arm64, plz” …?


See: docker pull | Docker Documentation

Also if you’re going to use this on the device then why not just run docker pull on the device?


The device is an embedded device that normally does not have an internet connection.

The idea here is to pull the image from the internet once to a staging laptop that can then push the image to each device as part of config/deploy.

Hacing said that, I was able to download the image using the “—platform=linux/arm64” option, and then push that image (with scp) into my device.


Well glad I was able to help clear things up.