Progressive Web App in Linux based Toradex board


I have a react native app and i would love to use it in the Verdin iMX8M Plus 8GB WB IT V1.1A.

I have been exploring to install it in the Android version that comes with the board, but as I have been it is like a test Android version and it is not recommended for production environments.

It is possible to do this using the Linux OS. And wich of the Linux versions, that the board is provided with, is more suitable for doing this?

Thank you very much

Hello @eloicrzu,

The Android image which is available on the Toradex Easy Installer feeds is only a demo image, as you saw.
Further customization would be needed for a production-ready image.

We have partners that could provide this, as they have readily available Android BSPs for the Verdin iMX8MP: Kynetics and SiBrain.

That being said, the simplest way to get a Web App running on the Verdin iMX8MP is using Torizon OS, our easy-to-use Linux distribution leveraging docker containers for application development.
You can read a bit more about it here: Torizon OS Technical Overview | Toradex Developer Center

While we don’t have a template for react native, we have a couple for Node.js, as you can see here: GitHub - toradex/vscode-torizon-templates: VS Code Torizon Integrated Development Environment Templates

These templates should be a good starting point for your project.

The following page may also be useful: Web Browser / Kiosk Mode with Torizon OS | Toradex Developer Center

Best Regards,