Profibus - RS485 - VF50

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I’m working on a project for which I need to communicate on Profibus RS485 bus.
I already used RS485 communication with success, but at low baudrate (9600 bps).
In this project, the baudrate have to be 1,5 MBit/s. Do you think the VF50 can be configured for this and will be able to process the traffic quickly enough ?

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Also, the operating system is Windows CE 6.0


I believe you wont be able to get 1.5Mbit baud-rate on VF50. Baud-rate calculation will be off more then its allowed. ( Precise baud-rate on VF50 is only up to 250k )

You will have to look for the alternative. I think iMX6S is something you should take a look at.

Hi ,
i’m trying to use the RS485 communication on Colibri Evaluation board 3.1 for colibri module VF61 under WinCe7, could you tell me how did you test with that 9600 baudrate, and what materiel do i need to the the testing ?
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Hi Luka,

Where do you see in the spec the precise baud-rate ?

I see that we can configure the IPS bus up to 83Mhz → Max 5,187,500 bps
(page 645, 2653, 2642)

Can I give you a call tomorrow ? This could be a huge project for us.

Thank you!

Baudrate at this speed will not be precise but you need to test on your device to see if its works OK.

We do not block any settings in driver so you can set any baudrate you want.