ProductionProgramming Vf61

Why productionprograming.bat script is not working with Vf61?

When i download the latest UpdateTool version from and try open it the screen is freeze.

Update tool you downloaded is not for Vybrid modules. Update tool for VF modules is included in image download.

Where did you get this .bat file from?

Ok, I have Update.exe but the .bat file is from

This BAT file is for Tegra. On VF you do not need this. You can just create your own bat file that will run update.exe with parameters you want.

Ok, I have Update.exe I have folder structure :

  • autorun
    70#SD Card\UpdateTool\update.exe /cu /u “\sd card\backup\FlashBackup.bin”

  • Backup

  • UpdateTool

But is not working. When I change .lnk update location file to \windows\update.exe I have error message: can’t open …FlashBackup.bin file.

Its known issue that sometimes update from subfolder fails. We already have update tool you can download it from here → ( I did not do to many tests yet on this so I do not recommend using it in production yet. )

It will also be included in next image.

If I call update1.exe from SD Card\UpdateTool\update.exe location link is not working. That why I copy update1.exe to AutoCopy folder then update link to root \update1.exe /u SD Card\Backup\FlashBackup.bin so is working.