ProductionProgramming issues


Using Windows CE8 with Toradex BSP 2.0beta02.

I followed the instructions at to for production programming.

The image seems good. If I CD to the “\usb hd\AutoRun” directory and run ProductionPramming.bat, the Update Tool launches and updates my image.

However, when I first plug the usb drive in, it won’t launch at all. A command window pops up, but only with this error:

Pocket CMD v 8.00
> cd “USB HD”
\USB HD> call “USB HD\AutoRun\ProductionProgramming.bat”
USB Hd\AutoRun\ProductionProgramming.bat: File Not Found.

So, whatever launches this window sees the ProductionProgramming.bat file and knows to launch it, but that cannot find it to launch.

Any ideas?


@dmcreynolds: Have you more than one USB storage device attached?

We have the same problem, only one USB device is plugged. Is there any workaround?

For the moment we are using the workaroud suggested here:

We added the LaucnherEx.exe which also allows to launch *.bat files directly. The workflow is like this: The LauncherEx.exe gets launched in the AutoRun folder and then executes the rest. That is why the *.bat file can be launched in the AutoRun folder of the production programming template.

I guessed that the purpose of the launcher included in the template was the one you describe, but unfortunately it doesn’t work for our USB production key(with the same error reported by @dmcreynolds) so we’re back to the workaround previously suggested. Obviously, it would be better to get the standard solution work without any workaround, but we are not able to know what is going wrong for us in the LauncherEx.exe. Could you please give it a try?

Yes, indeed, @samual.tx…please try this yourself. It does not work as you described.

No, only one usb attached.

@dmcreynolds, @lerimini: Yes, I am able to reproduce this. We will provide a fixed launcherex for beta 2 and 3. Later the laucher of the OS will take over this functionality. I will post you the link here as soon as we have released the new template.

We have uploaded a new Production Programming Template, that comes with a new LauncherEx, that fixes the issue. You can get it from here.

The Template still has one limitation: It only works under WinCE 7 or 6, but not WEC2013, as the LauchnerEx is compiled for these two systems. This should not be an issue as all our T20/T30 modules are shipped with one of these OS version.

From 2.0 beta 4 on the LaucherEx will not be used any longer. LaucherEx will stop doing anything from this OS version on an the internal Launcher, which is capable launching BAT files will do the job. See also roadmap issue 21619.

Ok, thanx.