Production Programming

BSP Version
Bootloader (running)
Ver: 1.6

 Image (running)
 ID    COLIBRI Vybrid
 Ver :   1.6 ( CE 6.0 )

In Section Backup
When I enter update /s registry,raw,\Temp\Backup.ivr

I get “Application update.exe encountered a serious error and must shutdown”

  1. You should use the latest version of the UpdateTool.
  2. You must use the same version of the UpdateTool for backup and for programming…

Please check for details here.

The link that you sent was for Tegra modules. I am using Vybrid VF50.

Steps are the same:

  1. Get the latest Update Tool and copy UpdateTool.exe (CE6_CE7 folder) and the DLLs to the storage device. If you already copied the production programming template earlier to the storage device, make sure you rename the AutoRun folder before inserting it to your master module.
  2. Boot your master module and insert the drive with the Update Tool.
  3. Start the Update Tool select Backup .
  4. Select Backup All . We do not recommend to do selective region backups for production programming.
  5. Select the external drive as backup location. As several files will be created by the backup, the Name of the file ( FlashBackup by default) is only a prefix which is used for all the files generated.
  6. Start the backup process.

It says to use the tool which is part of the OS image for VF50

Update Tool does not allow more than one section to be backed up

part of the VF50/VF61 OS image download

Back them up one by one and then create a batch file to restore all of them using UpdateTool CLI.