Production Programming imx6


I prepared according

Production Programming for iMX6 Modules

the files needed for production programming via EasyInstaller.

Now I noticed that all the modules got the same MAC address. This is not what I wanted. Obviously the MAC address is contained in backup.cfg.

Is there a way to preserve MAC addresses ?

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maybe I should add backup.cfglink text

I have generated this backup.cfg with Updatetool 7.11

The readme-file in imx6-WinCEImage-Custom says:

- Backup.cfg
This is a backup of the config block, it can be generated from our update tool
or from the updatelib API of our Toradex Libraries (available for free from
our website). This file will not contain and device-unique id, so those
ids will be preserved when the image is installed on the new module.

I assumed that this device-unique id is the MAC-address - isn’t it ??

Dear @Frax222

On the Apalis iMX6 the MAC address is by default stored in a separate location apart from the config block. However, it can be overruled by a config block setting ( mac.tid, mac.cid).
It seems that you configured and saved the mac section on your module before taking a backup of the config block.

  • To restore the original mac address on a programmed module, simply execute clear mac in the Eboot command line.
  • To fix the problem, take a new backup of the config block on a module which has the mac section cleared. You can verify this by entering set in the Eboot command line. There must be no asterisk ( * ) in front of the mac section display.