Production programming for iMX6

How to backup all data(including registry, flash, system) from iMX6 module?

I must prepare image for production with preinstalled .NET(and other .cab) and custom registry keys for our board with LVDS output but there is a problem that default the Toradex Module starts with vga output(except LVDS what i can change in registry)

And here is my question:

How to make and write preinstalled image(made by me) as fast as possible for employee?

Here is a output from cmd while i tried to save image to file:

Current version of update tool for i.mx6 supports backup only for config block, but you may restore our standard image or a .bin image you built.
Currently splash screen is supported on VGA and parallel display, but the image should be able to use an LVDS display provided that you add the right registry entries.

If you use our standard images (and that is the case if you don’t use Platform Builder) then you can flash the file (nk7.nbx or nk8.nbx, depending on the Windows Embedded Compact version you plan to use) directly on the device.
We have those features on our to-do list, but we don’t have a detailed plan yet and so I can’t provide any timing at the moment.

We are working on this.
With our new easy installer you’ll be able to restore configblock and registry, in addition to os and bootloader.
Then you can use autocopy feature to initialize your filesystem.
The Easy Installer is already available, and upcoming 1.2beta4 release will support backup of configblock and registry in a format that can be restored by it.

Has there been any progress or news on this?
We are using Colibri IMX6 modules with Windows Compact Embedded 7 and have the same requirement. We would like to create a complete system image with our custom settings and software to flash onto the module during production. We already used this with the UpdateTool on the Colibri PXA modules we are going to replace now. It’s just too error-prone and time-consuming to perform in production all the single steps to customize an imx6 module (flashing the OS image from the bootloader, installing the drivers for our external devices, applying the configuration, …).
So is it planned to add this feature to the UpdateTool in the near future or is this somehow a technical issue on the imx6?

I don’t have Platform Builder to build my own image and write it to device.

So, when will be released updatetool with full functionality in iMX6?

Because i understood that there is no other way to prepare image in other way.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Current version of update tool (in 1.2 and 1.3b2 releases) allows you to restore everything but filesystem.
That means:

I have the same question.
I want to copy my imx6 into a SD card to restore it later if necessary, or deploy it on an others platform.

Have you any solution?

like this : Production Programming for Tegra Modules | Toradex Developer Center

but for imx6/linux

The original question was about Windows CE, if you need support about Linux it is better if you submit this as a new question, tagging it with the “linux” tag.