Production Programming for Colibri VFxx Modules

Since Toradex Easy Installer doesn’t support Colibri VF61 modules (at the moment), I’ve been looking to this KB on how to setup Production Programming for VF61.

In this document I read

Use the following steps to generate
the master backup file once

the Update Tool to backup all the
regions you want to restore including
Configblock, Registry and filesystem.

I know how to use the Update Tool to generate three backup files (one for Configblock, one for Registry and one for Filesystem).

But I don’t know how to use it to generate the master backup file.

Do you mean a single file containing Configblock, Registry and filesystem?

Or do you mean three different files?

Dear @vix

There is no supported way to combine the individual backups into one common backup file. The idea is to keep them separate, and restore them one by one.

The documentation was confusing, as it was often talking about a single backup file. I replaced “backup file” by “backup files” in the relevant locations of the Production Programming article.

Regards, Andy