Production programming eMMC with rootfs.wic.gz generated by Yocto

I have the following hardware

  • SoM: Apalis-iMX8 QP and
  • Carrier board : Ixora 1.1
  • BSP: Toradex 5.4.0

Do you have any documentation explaining how to run a production programming that flash the eMMC with the rootfs.wic.gz generated by the Yocto Project build?
Maybe using uuu-tool.
Thank you

Why not Toradex Easy Installer ,

nothing is needed, only “vnc client” ?

Thanks @MariusM
I don’t want to use Easy installer and I can’t use it because it is a two step procedure (first install Easy installer and then install an image) and because it required a custom image, not the rootfs.wic.gz generated by the Yocto Project build.
I do need a fast way to run eMMC production programming, possibly using directly the rootfs.wic.gz.
I know that NXP provides a tool called uuu (Universal Update Utility) and I wonder if Toradex could provide a proper configuration for it or an equivalent tool.

in old modules T20 (BSP 2.x) I still use nvflash , in my opinion it is the best .
Easy installer don’t have command line and individual items cannot be updated :frowning:
But I’m mentally switching to modernity;)

You don’t need to install Easy installer , run Apalis-iMX8 in recovery mode and load over USB from PC
it is about extra 5s

I’d like to use UUU too (very comfortable tool ) , write a message if you succeed. Toradex made its own tool to display the Toradex logo? I do not understand this

Hi @koan !

About this, the modules come pre-installed with Toradex Easy Installer, so in production programming, you wouldn’t need to install it. And you can install the output image from Yocto build (if you based your setup on the Toradex references) on the modules by using the Toradex Easy Installer.

Some references:

Could you explain your usage and why you would need something else?

Best regards,

Hi @MariusM @koan , I don’t think we officially support it but in eMMC flash modules (like the Apalis iMX8) you can use the UMS functionality from U-Boot to connect the module to your PC and be ao easily modify the BOOT partition. I do this all the time for development for replacing kernel binaries or device trees without using Toradex Easy Installer. Please note that for production, you should be really using it, this is just a quicker way for quicker development.

I’m not completely sure what should the exact command be in the Apalis iMX8 but you could try with ums 0 mmc 2. You maybe have to change the second number until you hit the correct BOOT partition. Note that this functionality is not oficially supported so it can be gone at any time, but until then… :wink: The setup (cables) is the same that for the recovery procedure in case you need to check some documentation.

Some other interesting command in Uboot is mmc, particularlry info and list.

Hi @alvaro.tx
we solved the problem in-house implementing a complete eMMC programming configuring uuu for the Apalis iMX8.

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Bergamo - Italia
embedded software engineering
✆:+39 035-255.235

Can you share your knowledge?
I don’t need it now, but it might come in handy someday