Production programming don't work unless with the latest version of Win CE Image

I am stuck in a situation, where for the Production programming autorun update to work I have to have the latest version of Win CE 7 image otherwise (with V2.0 from March 2017) when I insert the USB a white screen with few lines of text comes up and disappears quickly and nothing happens.
On the other hand with this latest version when I connect the resistive touch screen and used the colibri-tweak to adjust the settings, a white screen comes up.
How can I resolve these problems ?


Dear @shiva_eghbal,

Could you please upload the complete production programming package on and share the link with us. Let me try to reproduce the same problem with the package and let you know.

Can’t able to configure the display registry for your resistive touchscreen? If it is so, please share display information and what was your registry setting?

Thank you

Hello Raja,

I added the production programming package in the link.
I also added the screen preset settings I use for our resistive touch screen, same as the one Toradex uses, that doesn’t work with new WinCE 7 Image.


Dear @shiva_eghbal,

There was a problem in the batch script executing path. I have a modified the ProductionProgramming.bat to run on V2.0 release, I intentionally deleted LauncherEx.exe, we don’t need that from 2.0 b4 release onwards. Please download this AutoRun and use it in the production programming template.
FILEPATH is set to USB HD, If you are running it from some other mount or directory, please modify that.

Let us know if you need any other support on this

Yes it now works, thanks.
I used the same USB on a T30 and it seemed to work.
I then changed the USB settings in registry to work with High speed and then after rebooting, the screen doesn’t come up (black) and the USB is not recognized on the computer to use the remote display. Do you know why ?
Also what is the difference between Beta OS Image and the normal OS image ?

Dear @shiva_eghbal,

Which carrier board you are using? Is it Colibri eval board or other carrier board or custom carrier board?
Did you try with standard release image on the module and HighSpeed is set to 1?

If you are using Colibri eval board V2.1 then you need to do HW patch to enable Highspeed support, please refer this documentation:

Bets OS and normal OS difference:

After a few bug fixes and implementation, we used to do basic testing on the firmware and will be released as a beta image. After a few beta releases and if last beta release was stable then we used to do CTK test on production release image then releasing it.

Dear @raja.tx

We have Colibri Evaluation board V2.1 which currently does not work with high speed USB, unless patched as in the link you sent me.
We have our own custom board as well, which works with high speed USB now.
I did try with Win CE 7 version 2.0 on T30 and once I changed the settings to work with high speed. Then after rebooting, the resistive touch screen don’t come up (black).
Is there a specific registry setting for the touch screen to work with T30 ? different than with T20?
Do I need to use the latest OS image on T30 ?
About the Beta and normal OS images, so basically the beta version (if dated later than the normal one) should be more reliable and work well on the modules?


Dear @shiva_eghbal,

Could you please verify these settings are configured on this registry path : [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Drivers\Display\Colibri] and additional settings can be done on here: Display Driver Registry Settings.

Please export all those registry paths and share with us and let us verify the display registry is proper.

When I checked iQTegra.reg file and found this [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Drivers\Display\PXA27x\Config] registry path, this is wrong.

Beta release image is suitable for the development purpose. If you are developed and tested the product with beta image and if it meets all your requirement then you can go ahead for production with the beta image.

The normal OS release image built on CTK tested BSP, please refer this documentation for more information about CTK. CTK tested image is very well suitable for production release.

I cannot find: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Drivers\Display\Colibri] in T30 registry edit.
Following the links you sent me, the screen settings are in: [HKLM\Software\Nvidia Corporation\NVDDI\LCD]
and the module specific settings for Colibri T30 are in: [HKLM\Software\Nvidia Corporation\NVDDI].

I checked the settings in the registry with the ones in the link.
I attached a note here that includes the ones that are different, showing the values we have.

I couldn’t find the LVDS settings in [HKLM\Software\Nvidia Corporation\NVDDI\LCD] or any other place, as well.

Do we have the right settings ?

Dear @shiva_eghbal,

Sorry I have suggested wrong registry path for display settings. The correct path as you stated is
for LCD settings [HKLM\Software\Nvidia Corporation\NVDDI\LCD] and other special settings HKLM\Software\Nvidia Corporation\NVDDI. Please registry this registry settings and use Colibri Tweak tool to configure the display parameters for Tegra.

Let us know if you have any questions on this.