Process get a memory corrumption (fast) without GDB return


I have Qt software which runs on Linux.
My soft needs to run for long time (2 weeks), and after some tests, the process freeze after 3 to 6 days, depending on the test.
The process turn into “sleeping” state in task manager and is not responding.

I can see on the debug output this error message :
"*** Error in ‘./app’: malloc(): memory corruption (fast) : 0x72518ddf ***

I try to run it with GDB but I get zero information through the debugger.

I run Valgrind to see if there is some memory problem. Valgrind report some malloc memory leakage but not directly in my software, but in some function called in libraries (like libQtCoreE). I have a visible memory leakage on task manager (1% filled in a day).

I have no log file from OOM killer intervention.
I try running with and without oom_score_adj = -1000 but the problem stay the same.

I have not implemented ulimit somewhere.

I use some threads in my software. Maybe incompatibility with malloc ?
I use UART through qserialport library.
I use QWT library for graph plotting.

I have no more tests ideas to do. Maybe there is someone have any idea to help me ?

You may also want to upgrade to some more recent versions of things.