Problems with new revision 1.1C of Apalis iMX6


we are testing the new modules 1.1C with our device and having some problems.

Apalis iMX6Q 1GB, V1.1C
Custom Carrier Board
WEC2013, Bsp 1.2

We are still using an old BSP because this is an older device which is not actively worked on anymore, just bugfixes and minor enhancements.
But the device is still in production, so we have to support the new revisions 1.1C and 1.1D.

It seems the config block ist not correctly set on the modules, the preinstalled Easy Installer warns about it:

Easy Installer is asking for the module type/version/serial:

After entering the module information i installed the latest official WEC2013 image of Toradex:

But the OS doesn’t start, it hangs after the message “Loading image at 10200000.”:

Any help is appreciated!
Best regards, Erwin

Could you please try to install official v1.6 release dated 2020-01-03?

i did install the latest version.
Toradex Documents - iMX6 WinCE8 Image tezi
The image was released 2020-01-03, but the timestamp in the image name is “20191223”

Could you please enable serial debug output, then collect and share results as a text file?

sorry, that was my fault. I didn’t use the bootloader for some time and forgot about enabling the debug output.

The OS is loading, i didn’t see anything on screen because our touch screen is connected via LVDS and the correct settings are not configured yet.

But i still have a question regarding the missing config block of the modules we received.
We ordered these modules for testing, maybe these are pre-production samples and therefore missing the config block?

How many new modules do you have? Are all of them have missed config blocks?

we received 20 modules Apalis iMX6Q V1.1C.
I checked around half of them and all are missing the config block.
A colleague ordered them last year, but i can’t ask him for details as he left the company at the end of 21.

It sounds strange. Could you share serial numbers of modules with missed config block?

One serial is 10886970.
I can’t give you the other 19 as i’m not in the office today.
The other serials differ just in the last 2 digits.

did you find out why the config block is missing on the modules we received?

here are some more serial numbers:
10886976, 10886970, 10886975, 10886967, 10886973, 10886964, 10886966, 10886965, 10886984, 10886983, 10886982, 10887004