Problems with I2C and torizoncore 5

Hi! guys

I’m working with a Goodix GT911 touchscreen. When tests are performed on TorizonCore 6.2.0 we are able to use the touch device everything runs smoothly.

The problems start when we use TorizonCore 5.7.2+build 21, we are not able to see device on i2c channel.

Device tree overlay is as given below:

&gt911 {
	touchscreen@5d {
		compatible = "goodix,gt911";
		reg = <0x5d>;
		interrupt-parent = <&gpio3>;
		interrupts = <15 IRQ_TYPE_EDGE_FALLING>;
		irq-gpios = <&gpio3 15 IRQ_TYPE_EDGE_FALLING>;
		/* Verdin I2S_2_BCLK (TOUCH_RESET#, SODIMM 21) */
		reset-gpios = <&gpio3 3 GPIO_ACTIVE_LOW>;
		status = "okay";

we are currently using imx8mm and dev board, the connection is through an adapter on port x48

Thanks and regards

Hi @Isaga ,

Someone had a similar issue with this touchscreen a year ago in one of our BSP reference images (it has the same kernel version as TorizonCore 5.7.2), using the same SoM: AVDD28/VDDIO error while intergrating GT911 touch controller with Verdin iMX8M Mini

Can you check if the referred solution works for your case?

Best regards,
Lucas Akira

Hi! @lucas_a.tx,

Thank you for the quick response,

Unfortunately, after reviewing the post I didn’t solve the problem, the following image is from torizon core 6, the address of the device is 5d

i2cdetec for TC6

when we switch to torizoncore 5 we get this,

i2cdetec for TC5

As you can see, the device is not switching between the address 4f and 5d, we already checked the hardware, however we didn’t find why our device does not work in torizoncore5.

I send a schematic from the touch controller

Thanks and regards

Hi @Isaga ,

Are there any error logs related to the Goodix driver shown in the output of dmesg?

About the device tree overlay you showed, is it the complete overlay, or just a part of it? I ask this because I couldn’t find any node label called gt911 in the Verdin iMX8M Mini device tree in the kernel source.

One last question: You mentioned you got the touchscreen working on TorizonCore 6.2.0. Is there any specific reason that is keeping you on 5.7.2 instead of just using 6.2.0?

Best regards,
Lucas Akira

Hi @Isaga,

I’m working with a Goodix GT911 touchscreen too, but I’m using Yocto to generate my image. I faced a similar problem, I wasn’t able to see my device on i2c channel.

Then I discovered that sometimes Goodix uses register address 0x14. I think you can try to add another node with that register, maybe it’s going to work.