Problems to remount / partition

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to execute the follow command: “mount -o remount,ro /”. After this, I receive this error message: “mount: mounting ubi0:rootfs on / failed: Device or resource busy

In old images (built using buildroot 2016) was possible to do this operation. I’d decided to use Yocto Project as our image builder and this operation is not possible more.

My nand partition is structured as shown bellow:

There is any solution for this or always my directory should have rw permission?

hello @Leandro

Could you provide the version of the hardware and the software of your module?

How did you create your rootfs partition? Was it created as read/write partition or read only partition?

Best regards, Jaski

Hello @jaski.tx,

Yes, I could!

Hardware Version => V1.2A - 04963277

Software Version => linux-toradex_4.4

I created my rootfs as “read/write” using “bitbake core-image-minimal” (Yocto Project).




I tested with our regular Bsp and remounting to read only partition worked well.
Could you provide the output of mount and mount -v -o remount,ro rootfs ?